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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Attempting and loving the busy"ness" of my life

Wow! It's been over a month since I've blogged. This may be the longest lapse of time yet. We've been terribly busy lately. Greg and I are both heavily involved in the community and our kids' school and we have family out of town that takes us away from home at times. Anyone that is a parent and is actively involved in their lives understands what I am saying.

I have also accomplished something in the last week. I have finished my first book. It's not published yet. I haven't even sent it off to anyone, but I hope to soon. I thought I would share a little of the book with you. It's a children's story, inspired by my husband. He actually told this story to our boys a while back at bedtime. Greg and I do this every once in a while - make up a bedtime story or a "fake story" as our boys would say and tell it to them before they go to bed. The stories are usually filled with adventure and magic; things that wouldn't normally happen but what kids tend to dream about.

Here is a paragraph or two of the story. I hope you enjoy....

....John was about to catch up to Pete and Billy when he heard a sound. He quickly turned around. Nothing was there. He started walking again and then heard the sound again. He was really getting creeped out now. John started thinking about Jed Mackey and what he must have seen. He was just about ready to run ahead to tell Pete & Billy that they had better turn around and get the heck out of there when something bumped against his foot. He thought, "Oh no, I don't even want to look down to see what that was." As he slowly looked down to the right of his foot, he saw a clump of feathers. The feathers moved and then looked like they were shaking. John walked over slowly and peeked around the rock it was hiding behind. It suddenly flew up and over John's head about knocking him into a cart that was behind him.

"Whoa!! What was that!?"

"Hey John, you OK?" Pete and Billy were running back in John's direction. They had heard the noises and John's shriek. John was standing there looking up at the ceiling. "What's wrong with him, Billy? He looks like he just seen Frankenstein."

"What is it, John? What did you see?"......