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Thursday, June 25, 2009

A brilliant brain

I was playing with the boys tonight and Michael asked me if I had a string. I said I thought I did. He ran into the kitchen to look in our "collect all" draw. A few minutes later he came back with an elastic gold string tied in a bow (much like you might find wrapped around a present). Here is the dialog:

Mommy: "Oh, you found a string."

Michael: "No. This one won't work. I don't want it."

Mommy: "Let me see."

Michael: "No! I don't want it. It won't work."

Mommy: "Let me show you, Michael"

Michael: "No, mommy. It won't work."

Mommy: "Let me try."

I commenced to take his dog and the string. I put the string around the dog's head and pulled one end through the other in order to make a leash.
I handed the dog back to Michael and his eyes lit up.

Michael: "Mommy, you have a brilliant brain!!"

I laughed so hard. Like Bill Cosby says, "Kids say the darnedest things."

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Charlie layed to rest...

It was a sad and stressful day yesterday....not to mention today, as well. One of our bunnies died yesterday evening....Charlie. I was very upset but glad that it was mine instead of one of the boys' bunnies. Charlie died of heat exhaustion. It was so hot over by where they were and I didn't realize it until it was too late. Needless to say, we moved the rabbit hutch last night but the morning sun this morning was still too hot. So, the other bunnies were inside all day today. Vince's bunny got lose yesterday about the time that Charlie died and Michael's bunny got out of his cage this morning. I was very stressed. Being the animal lover that I am, I couldn't stop searching for the rabbits until they were found knowing that in this heat they would surely parish.

Charlie is the bigger bunny on the left.

Ode to my parents

Ok, I'm feeling a little emotional and mushy today. But, it's will good cause. Like most of you, I'm sure, I don't tell my parents NEAR enough how grateful I am to them or how much I love them.

Now, being a parent myself, I am at the beginnings of realizing how unselfish a parent's love is. Children don't realize what their parents go through or sacrifice for them until years later after they've grown up and mature a bit. My eye-opener was in my mid to late 20s but my appreciation and gratitude for my parents has grown each and every year since then as I realized more and more how very much they loved me and my sister. And how, at times, I disappointed them and broke their hearts. But they still loved me unconditionally and supported me.

I know that there will be "pay backs" because I put my parents through a rough few years. Oh yeah. I had my moments back then. But I always knew I'd be OK. And that was solely because my parents had provided me with a firm foundation and belief system. I had to stray for a little while but I found my way back and now I have such an appreciation and understanding of what my parents might have gone through. I pray that I don't have to go through the same hurt and turmoil with my boys as my parents did with me. But, if I do, I know that things will turn out right because my parents have instilled in me the sacrifice, morals, values and respect for others that I (hopefully) have and will roll down to my boys that will give them that firm foundation to bring them back to their parents if they have to stray away a bit, as well.

Thank you, mom & dad. I love you so much. I wish we lived closer so we could see each other more. But you are always in my heart and thoughts. I thank God every day for you and the loving parents you are.

A Father's Day come true

I hope all you fathers out there had a wonderful Father's Day. I think Greg enjoyed his day. I let him sleep in and made everyone a nice breakfast of bacon & eggs. Hadn't had a breakfast like that in a while. Then Greg went back to bed for a while before we made it off to church. After church we went out to eat at KFC and then came back home and we all took naps. The boys didn't care for that too well but boy, mom & dad liked it! ha! After that, we all went for a swim out in our lake. It was the first time we actually went swimming in the lake. It was a very nice day. The kids had so much fun and I think daddy did, too...heehee.....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

25 years and a love still strong

My sister and her husband, Jeff, just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Remember in my last blog when I said we celebrated 6 birthdays and 3 wedding anniversaries between the 1st of May and the middle of July. Well, my sister's wedding anniversary is the same day as my son, Michael's birthday, June 2nd.

Their daughters put on a surprise party for them and actually PULLED IT OFF! It was amazing. We just knew something would happen. And, of course, Jeff got called out to work that morning so the girls were panicking. But it all came together and Cindy and Jeff were definitely surprised. There were some friends and family there and we all had a good time. The girls did a great job planning it.

But the most important thing I wanted to mention is the love that both my sister and my brother-in-law have for one another. I hope that after Greg & I are married for 25 years, we have the same respect and love for each other as they have. They have always kept God in the forefront of their lives and relationship. I firmly believe that THAT is what helps keep couples together. The family that prays together, stays together. They are a great testiment to marriage and sticking together and working things out. I aspire to be more like them. I love them very much! Happy 25th anniversary Jeff & sis!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthdays and birthday gifts

From the 1st of May to the middle of July, our family celebrates 6 birthdays and 3 wedding anniversaries. It's a exciting time of year for our family. Michael decided he wanted to celebrate his birthday at the YMCA pool with some of his classmates from school. I think they all had a really good time. What kid doesn't like to play in the pool, right!

Michael's birthday present from Greg & I was a rabbit. He'd been talking about one for a long time. Well, we couldn't very well get Michael one without getting his brother one, too. And while we were at it, I got one for myself...ha! I mean, my birthday is the day after Michael's. Come on...! ha! I like bunnies, too...
Another present I got was from Greg. He had to leave the morning of my birthday to head to St. Louis for work. He was gone the rest of the week and when he came home he had a new bicycle in the back of his truck. I had been wanting one really bad since we live on a blacktop road now. We had gotten rid of our bikes a few years ago when we lived on gravel. Plus, the bikes were really old. Anyway, no excuse for not getting out and getting some exercise now, right!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Deep in thought....and struggling...

"God never gives you anything that you can't handle." Have you ever heard that phrase? I'm sure you have. I repeat that over and over to myself a lot these days. And when I find myself sitting & wellowing in my own self-pity, I sit back and think of all the people that have it so much worse than me.

I'm usually such an optimistic person but lately it's so easy for me to sit back and think..."no one has it as hard as me"... or "this is the worse thing that has ever happened to me...". And then I'm reminded, unusally by my husband or by God's infinite wisdom & humor (with a non-chalant swift kick in the pants...) that things aren't nearly as bad as they seem.

My emotions and hormones are setting me on edge these days but what about all the people out there that struggle to even get out of bed in the morning. Or they have to have someone dress them or feed them everyday. OR, the ones that struggle so much with their emotions that they have to reside in a mental institution. What I'm going through with pre-menapause has nothing on what they deal with on a daily basic. What about all the people that haven't spoken with their families in years due to misunderstandings or squabbles of some kind. And what about all the people that are alone in this world without any family or friends to turn to, or better yet, don't know where they will sleep tonight or where their next meal will come from or IF it will come at all.

Changing your way of thinking can make a person pretty hubble. I know I can stand to be a bit more hubble and think about what others might be going through instead of feeling sorry for myself when, in actuality, God has given me a pretty good life.