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Monday, January 31, 2011


I thought these images might be nice to think about while our window sills are being bombarded with snow!.....aaaaaahhhhh....I can almost feel the warm of the sun on my face and smell the ocean air. Well, at least, until I walk outside.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ohhh...if you only knew...

This was a "Santa" gift that Greg got this year at the Runnebaum Christmas. Michael and Vincent went with him on a trip back to KS this summer to go on a ride for one of Greg's classmates and good friends that was killed on his bike a few years out of high school. Well, Greg tipped his bike over (WITH Michael on it!!) and Santa felt it appropriate to give this shirt to Michael. Thank goodness Greg was just pulling out and wasn't going very fast at all.

Jesus' birthday cake

We started a new tradition this year. Actually it started last year with my sister but we (our family) did it for the first time this year. We made Jesus' birthday cake. It was so much fun and delicious!! It has three layers....one each symbolizing something. The bottom layer (chocolate....dark) symbolizes our sin. The second layer (red velvet - red) symbolizes the blood that Christ shed for our sins. The third layer (vanilla with food coloring - green) symbolizes new growth and life due to Christ's resurrection. The frosting (white) symbolizes purity, the red hots (or red drops of icing) symbolize all the love there is for Jesus and the yellow star in the middle symbolizes the Star of David.
It was very good. After we made it, we lit a single candle and read the Christmas Story (in Chapter Luke) and then each of us lit a green candle off of the center candle and said a prayer. It was a really nice tradition to start.

Story side Christmas

At home at mom & dad's for Christmas. It always seems so festive at their house on Christmas Eve. Vincent and Michael with one of their gifts from their Aunt Cindy and Uncle Jeff.
Yes, that's my adopted sister.....(just kidding...she's not adopted...heehee)
Cousins are decorating Jesus' birthday cake.
AH!!! Jeff, I got you actually cooking????....wow, what will happen next....is the earth going to stop moving. HA!!! Love ya, brother-in-law! And, Jodie, you're as gorgous as ever!
Will and Jessica (newlyweds.... and a typical look from Jessica) SO funny!!
Santa's helpers giving out the presents.
Ahhhhh.....my sweetie. Merry Christmas!!!

Runnebaum Christmas 2010

WOW! The family just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I didn't take a count this year but I'm sure it was well over a hundred and there were several people/families that couldn't make it.

Charlie with Grandma Kim

Mom R. with Santa's helper opening her gifts. It was sad not having Dad there. But he granted Mark's wish to have a white Christmas. The snow was really coming down that day. Thanks Dad!

Mark and all of us. ....and the women opening their gifts.

Showoff Greg and the boys Godfather, Uncle Lynn

Christmas program

I told you I was behind in my posts.... These are pics of the kids' school Christmas program....that I missed! I was in the hospital the night of this program. It broke my heart but Greg took some great pictures.

Fun times

Have you ever taken a step back in time for a moment...or for an evening/night? It's well worth the trip I assure you. In these times of commitments, obligations and demands on our time it is so easy to get caught up in the hussle and bussle of everyday life and to forget the important things of a simplier time long pasted.

Greg and I bid on a night's stay at the Iron Horse Hotel in Blackwater, MO at our kids' school auction held earlier in 2010. I'm so glad we went. It was such a good time. There were no TVs or radios. It was just us and the hotel and the atmosphere of a time long forgotten. Our room had a fireplace and a white claw foot porcelain tub. The night we stayed was the night that the snow storm came rolling through mid-missouri about the middle of December. It was wonderful! We needed the time away so much and to just concentrate on us and forget about the other pressures we had going on in our lives. I recommend to anyone who ever comes this way. Oh, and BTW....the food was EXCELLENT!!!

Fireplace in our room One of the other rooms in the hotel

BIG rock!

I just wanted to share with all of you one of our big projects for the year with our business ROCK Your World. The town of Pilot Grove, which is a little town just south west of Boonville, purchased a couple of entrance rocks to their town this past fall. We installed them in November and they look so good. We even got our picture in the local paper along with a very well-written article. Hopefully, this will be the start of a lot more orders like this one for towns, parks, etc. that can really add beauty and a unique feel to the area.

Mojo Halloween

WOW!! I am SO far behind in my posts. But I will try to catch up this week. Here are some pics of our Halloween party - Mojo style!!. Our theme this year was cowboys and indians. Everyone always comes up with some very unique costumes. And it's ALWAYS a fun and wild time.