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Friday, July 24, 2009

Computer on the fritz

My computer is in the shop. I hope they can fix it and I don't lose anything on it by the time I get it back. I'll have lots of updates. We've been camping and Michael's 1st Communion is this weekend. Plus, I'm catching up with some highschool friends tonight. I'll be back on the blogging bandwagon soon. Hopefully, with a better, faster and more efficient computer....keep your fingers crossed!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Young imagination

Tonight, Vince wanted me to play pirates. He had his little Jack Sparrow costume on and we pretended that the pop-up camper was the ship. One end was the front of the ship and the other the back. He was so cute and we had a lot of fun trying to fight bad pirates and drive the ship to look for treasures. I love kids' imaginations. Oh, if more people could just think more like a child.... how much better this world would be.

Kitty rescue on a mission

We had a little detour last night on our boat ride. Our momma cat was following us around the pond and as we heading closer to our neighbors, I thought I heard a little meow. Greg said it was Samantha, our momma cat. I said, "No, that a little kitty." I said to head over to the bank by the trees. As we got closer, I kept hearing the meowing and it sounded so pitiful.

I couldn't believe Greg agreed to go check it out. But, he probably knew that if he didn't I'd jump in the lake and swim over to find out for myself...lol. Anyway, when we got to the bank, I could tell the meowing was coming from one of the trees. And sure enough, there was a LITTLE black and white kitty stranded up in the tree. We took her up to the neighbors to make sure she wasn't theirs and she wasn't.

She's so cute. So, now we have her in our garage. Kitty rescued - everything fine. All in a night's work...ha!

We beat the rain and still had fun....

Greg's birthday is today and we had planned a nice eventful weekend with camping at the house in our pop-up, swimming in the pond, barbequeing & shooting off fireworks. We had only one priority this last weekend and that was for me to finish pulling all the weeds in front of our house so we could put down mulch.
Well, we just barely made it before the monsoon arrived! (Thank you, God, for holding off a little bit.) I was so relieved that it was done but, needless to say, the rest of our plans Saturday night were cancelled. It rained for the rest of the night and all the next morning. The rain finally stopped yesterday late afternoon.
My parents had come over to bring Greg's birthday present. So, after they left, Greg popped the camper, I started getting food ready and we had a great rest of the night. We even invited one of our neighbors over to watch fireworks. It was a little cool to swim in the pond so we just took a little boat ride. Of course, we can't get in the boat without Greg almost tipping us over. He cracks me up!! Sometimes, I think he's an accident waiting to happen. LOL! Anyway, we camped out last night and the kids had a lot of fun. Here's some pics of our great evening.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Legos and more legos

My boys have really gotten into the legos. The little legos that you can build all kinds of things with. I have to admit, I like playing with them, too. Here is a picture of what they built the other day. Pretty good, huh...

Amendment to my last post...

I wanted to send another picture of my husband. This is another job he's been doing lately. He finished up last night. YUK!! Scooping out the barn stalls filled with mud and cow poop. He wanted to make sure they were cleaned out just in case our mama cow has to have her calf inside the barn for whatever reason. Plus, he had to dig a drainage ditch and fill it with gravel because water kept running in and making a little pool back in our back stall. What a job. I couldn't help with this one. I told him, I'd shovel horse poop anyday (smells like roses to me) but not cow poop. My nose can't handle it!! WHEWEE!!!! I love you honey!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My working husband

I know most of the time, I'm posting things about my kids. But this time I have to pay tribute to my husband. My very hard working husband. I know I don't tell him near enough how much I appreciate how hard he works, both at his job and around the house. We have so much yet to do at our house, whether it's finishing organizing the shed, putting down mulch, fixing automatic waterers, mowing and weed-eating (which takes 2 days), or finishing all the little cosmetic things inside the house. And most days, Greg comes home from an 8 hour job (out in the heat) and goes right to whatever needs to be done around the house. Last night he was weedeating until dark. I had mowed the lawn that afternoon (which took 2 hours) figuring that would help him out quite a bit. And he said it did but the weeds from all the rain had gotten so bad that it took him twice as long to weedeat. He still has probably a couple of hours left to do tonight. He gets so tired and I know he wants so much to be done. I do, too. I just want him to know how much I appreciate him and how hard I know he works. Thank you, Greg. I love you!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mojo fun!!

The 4th of July was another weekend spent down at the lake for our annual 4th of July Bagnell Dam Mojo Bash. It was great fun had by all as you can see in the pics. I have not posted some pics so to protect the innocent....heehee... We all get pretty wild and crazy. This year, Greg didn't make it, though. He had a family wedding in Chicago that came up after we had already booked our room at Bagnell. I think he had a good time, too. Runnebaum weddings are always a hoot!

Baby birds

A bird has found a home for her nest on our front porch. The birds have hatched and this is as close as I could get with the camera. The mother bird is deadly. If you come within 15 feet of her nest she flights right at your head, dive bombing you and chirping wildly. It's funny but the kids think she's attacking them. This morning they were out with racks to protect themselves while they looked at the nest.