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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family and memories

There are a lot of pictures here but they are so good. Most of these are when we all got together for Dad R.'s and Uncle Galen's birthday party. The Runnebaum family and (extended family) just keeps growing. I am as close to this family as I am to my own. They all are wonderful people. Enjoy the pics!

Shane giving Janet a rideAmy and her grandaughter, Kylie

Michael, Emma and Gracie
Sister-in-laws, Judy & Joan
Our family with Greg's mom & dad
All of us with Dad R.
Lu and Kim, sister-in-laws (or should I just say...sisters..I'm that close with all of them)
Dad, brother-in-law, Eugene, and his son, Andy and his daughter
Jen and Emma
Greg, Michael, Vincent and Dad
3 generations of Bernies
Uncle Galen and one of his 7 daughters, Mary Ann.....and what is she holding up?.....:)

Dad and oldest daughter, Judy.... I wonder what Dad is thinking?...ha!
Sister, Janet
Sister, Lu
Sister, Judy and Mom R.
Greg and me....what is he grabbing?...lol!
Makayla and Michael (best buds)
Blake, Jessie and Kylie
Uncle Galen, Aunt Rita and Aunt Pat
Uncle Galen and Aunt Rita's 7 daughters

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