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Monday, August 8, 2011

Small World

Is this world really all that small? I mean, we use that saying, "It's a small world" but it really isn't that small. I know...you're saying - "Tell me something I don't already know." Well, I'm not here to tell you something new as much as it's just been an observation on my part. I don't know about everyone else but I'm sure that there are millions that share the same viewpoint as I do. We all get so caught up in our "little world" and doing our thing that we don't have any conception of how large this big beautiful world really is.

My awakening was actually when I started tweeting more on twitter. Yes, I'm afraid I've become a social media junky.  I never thought it would happen, but it did. And I realized the more I followed someone and people, or companies for that matter, followed me, that there was SO MUCH out there that I didn't even know about.  There are so many other people going about their individual lives, doing their own thing, hanging out with kids & family, going to work, or whatever is on their agenda for the day.

And, yes, I knew all this before but it just became so apparent and opened my eyes when I started having people follow me from Canada and London and Europe.  People I didn't even know but had some connection with.  That's the whole point of twitter and all the other social medias, isn't it? To connect. To find someone or some company that has something that interests you. In my situation it was more about finding people that were authors or enjoyed writing and spending time with family. I started realizing early on that there are SO many people that have the same interests as I do; people that I'm pretty sure I'll never meet except on Twitter or some other type of social media.

But, most of these people are people that are good and want to connect to either give you info, kind words, or actually hear what I have to say or tweet about. I know there are alot of people and companies trying to sell something but most of it is something that will better you or your life. That's amazing. Maybe I'm naive about it but in going down the path of social media frenzy it has awakened me to the possibilities out there just waiting for us to take hold. There is such a vast amount of information out there and people ready to give it; all at our fingertips and by the click of a button. Amazing! I think I'm addicted and glad of it.


  1. LOL...yep...sometimes I wish I had a meter or a clock on this computer so I could track how many hours I spend here! Twitter, Blogger, Wordpress facebook...and they aren't even the big time-grabbers for me. I can get lost for hours on Google search or Wikipedia :-) I spent a couple years as a member of a now defunct QnA site. It was my first real experience with an online community. And then one day it dawned on me that it was waaaay more than bits and bytes on that screen. It was a real human being(or several) all reaching out to another human being. We do it for dozens of different reasons, loneliness, boredom, thirst for knowledge, to name a few.. But it helped me to form my "code" I live by online. Treat people just as if you'd met them on the street. :-) Heloo, Linda, nice to meet you :-)

  2. Well, Heloo to you, too, Teresa. Nice to meet you, too and thanks for reading my post. Have a wonderful day!