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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Seder Meal

I meant to post this Thursday night but we were getting ready to go out of town and never got the chance until now. We had a very interesting and appropriate dinner on Thursday. The boys came home talking about the lunch they had that day. It was a seder meal (resembling The Last Supper). So, we decided to have the same thing that night.

I quickly thawed out a roast I had in the freezer and fixed it the old-fashioned way just like my mother used to cook (in the oven). We didn't have any unlevened bread so I used some crackers we had. We also had apples, radishes, peanuts and lettuce dipped in salt water. We didn't have any grape juice so we used apple juice instead.

It was a really nice meal and we felt like we were having something similar to what Christ had for The Last Supper. It was a very enjoyable family dinner. Since it was Holy Week it really got us in the frame of mind as to the true meaning of Easter.

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