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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Typical words from my precious Vincent

Oh my gosh....I just had to post this.

I picked up the kids from school today and as we were driving home, the boys were picking on one another (nothing unusual) and saying they didn't like each other, etc. Those of you with kids, I'm sure, can relate. Anyway, I went on to say that I thought we needed to go to church more (actually we go quite often but maybe we should start going 3-4 times during the week...ha) because they needed to learn more about how to treat each other and love each other like Jesus would want them to.

Vince says, "I like going to church. It's just so long."

Then he said, "I like the part where we eat and they serve the bread."

I was cracking up!!!! I love the things kids say. I wish I could just bottle them up and keep them forever.

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