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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Christmas fun

Well, I'm finally posting some Christmas pics. WOW!!! It's been busy around here. Christmas was wonderful this year (as always). To tell you how busy we've been...we still haven't put away all the Christmas decorations and the trees are still up. (ha) But, I plan on getting everything put away this weekend. Anywho...here are some fun pics. The first one is a picture of Jesus' birthday cake that my sister and her girls made. The bottom layer (chocolate) is for sin. The middle layer (red velvet) is for the blood He shed for us. The top layer (green) is for new life. The white icing is for purity and there is a Star of David on the top. You also put heart (candy) around the outside which stands for Love. It was a delicious cake and the start of a great tradition in our family.
Mom & dad and Jessica and her fiancee, Will.
Jodie...she is so photogenic. Look at that smile...
Our boys on Christmas morning. Some of you have heard the story already. That night (or should I say MORNING) they woke up at 3am wanting to go down and open presents. We sent them back to bed. Then they woke up again at 5:00...sent them back to bed again. And they got up again at 5:30....we sent them back to bed AGAIN! Finally we let them get up at 6:00. Greg and I were worn out the rest of the day. lol!

Sledding with dad. They all had a ball. I, of course, didn't last too long. It was way too cold for me.

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