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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Reflecting....

As I reflect back on this year, I realize how much I hope and pray that 2010 is better. Seriously, it has been a very stressful and busy time in the Runnebaum household this year. I have been unemployed and the bills have not stopped. How DARE they!!! We have had some behavior and school issues (none that are too serious and can not be resolved) with the boys. I started the process of peri-menapause....oh boy!(need I say more?!) And the weather continued to tease and play with our goals for this house. I have to say that this has probably been the most stressful year we have had since 1996. Financial strain can be very stressful on a relationship. Our's is strong, though, and we will persevere. There is no doubt.

We did have some good things that happened. Greg did well on his job this year and had several upgrades. I joined Jenny Craig and got my weight back under control making lifestyle changes in food and portion control. We had several memorable vacations (probably couldn't afford them....but we have the memories). And the boys had several milestones in school and behavior (heading the right way, I hope). So, all wasn't lost in 2009 but I sure do hope 2010 is better both financially and emotionally.

We are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel with my job that I will start on January 4. And I am determined to make 2010 a better year than 2009. My main resolution will be to focus on what's important and get my priorities straight. And those priorities are God and family. Everything else comes second to those. I have realized that if those two things are on the right track everything else will just fall into place. So, with that said...I want to wish everyone a wonderful and Happy New Year. Be safe and be thankful. Like a good friend of mine said, never think that a good deed goes unnoticed. Like the movie, It's a Wonderful Life - everyone has an impact on someone else's life. Make that impact a positive one. Make an impression in 2010. Make that the year that you look back and see all the positive things you accomplished and the good you did. It trully is a wonderful life if you look at all the things God has given us and use them in a positive and helpful way.

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