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Monday, May 17, 2010

Visit home

This last weekend was a big one. I left Thursday to attend my oldest niece's bachlorette party. I stayed with my folks and Greg and the boys came down Saturday morning. They had a few things to finish up at the house before they left. My uncle was in from Tennessee, too. I love my Uncle Clarence. He is so wonderful and such a hoot! He has so many stories and jokes to tell. I told him I need to keep a tape recorder around just so I could capture all his stories and funny tales. I need to write a book someday. I could fill the book with just his stories and "one liners". He's so funny.
Anyway, my niece got married and it was a beautiful ceremony and reception. Actually, she had 2 receptions...one at the church and one at my sister's home. I'm so happy for Jessica and Will. They are going to be very happy. I love them both! Here are some pics of our fun-filled weekend.
My Uncle Clarence and my dad
The bachlorette party riding in a stretch Hum-V
Dinner at The Cheesecake Factory...YUM!!!
Le Ann and I getting crazy and we didn't even have anything to drink....imagine that..ha!
Isn't she gorgous!
Ok, where are the horses??...

Uncle Clarence and Vince (my youngest son)

Dancing with dad. Jeff, you held up good. I'm proud of you..ha!
Where is that durn garter??!!!

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