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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stop the littering

I was driving home the other day and suddenly felt very sad. Before me was a long stream of trash and debris along the road I was traveling on. It looked awful. It made me wonder what God probably thinks. He gave us such beauty...such a gorgous landscape to live in.....

And we have repayed him with this............

Do you remember the old commercials with the Indian?

They were SO powerful.

I wish they'd run them again.

Please take note of what you are doing and the next time you think about pitching that cup or napkin out the window of your car, think AGAIN. Wait until you get to the next trashcan. It's not that inconvenient. Keep a plastic bag in your car so you can keep your trash in it until you can throw it out. Don't throw it out the window. Let's try and keep our country beautiful just like it was made.

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