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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Biking maniacs

Well, my boys have finally taken up the sport of bike riding. It took them a while. First of all, we have never really lived on a great road for bicycling. And second, they weren't too thrilled about the possibility of falling. Well, when we were at our Runnebaum camping trip about a month ago, we took the bikes and there was a flat stretch just beside where were were camping. And it was grassy. Well, they started practicing and Greg and I worked with them and now, they just can't get enough. Michael and Vincent both said, "I'm glad we learned to ride bike, mommy. It's fun!" Michael wants to ride all the time. The other night, it was getting dark and he was riding his bike all around the house out in the yard. And we have a pretty big yard. I'm so glad they're enjoying it.

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