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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Greg and I hadn't been back to Sturgis for 12 years. Some things have changed but it's still basically a biker's paradise...ha! We had a great time. We went with some of Greg's family. Had 3 brothers, a sister, an uncle and some cousins plus spouses. It was a lot of fun!! The first pic is of the boys after we got back. They wanted to go for a ride, too...ha! Greg took them for a tour around the parking lot.

We even met up with some fellow Mojoers, Loren Dean and Christy. We met up at The Knuckle to listen to a band one night. And also ran into another Mojo, Susie G., the first day we were there. What can I say...the Mojos always seem to find each other one way or another. Good times had by all!!

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