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Monday, September 27, 2010

A loyal and special friend

She was my rock. A bright pair of golden brown eyes and wagging tail to look forward to at the end of the day. She never asked for much....just a few treats (a day) ha!... some water & food and a scratch behind the ears. We understood each other. Well we should have after 15 years. I knew her longer than my husband or kids. She was always there for me if I was down or depressed. She would sit and listen as I rubbed her soft fur and talked to her about my problems. We spent a lot of time together and I taught her a lot of tricks. She was a smart dog. I swear she knew what I was saying 75% of the time.
Well, her time came to an end this last week. She was old (well over a 100 in people years) and tired. I had the difficult choice of deciding whether to put her to sleep or try and prolong the enevitable a few more days. I decided I owed her peace and comfort. I could not prolong her life (or what life she would have....not much since she couldn't get up anymore to eat or go to the bathroom) just to satisfy my own selfishness. I owed her more especially after everything she had given me.
She will always be in my heart. She was a special dog and for those of you that have had them, you know exactly what I mean. She is now resting peacefully in the same location that she used to lay and watch the traffic, the lake and our cattle out in the pasture. She is at peace and I'm sure she will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge when my time comes. Goodbye Brandy. I love you and miss you. And I will never ever forget you.

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