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Monday, July 13, 2009

Kitty rescue on a mission

We had a little detour last night on our boat ride. Our momma cat was following us around the pond and as we heading closer to our neighbors, I thought I heard a little meow. Greg said it was Samantha, our momma cat. I said, "No, that a little kitty." I said to head over to the bank by the trees. As we got closer, I kept hearing the meowing and it sounded so pitiful.

I couldn't believe Greg agreed to go check it out. But, he probably knew that if he didn't I'd jump in the lake and swim over to find out for myself...lol. Anyway, when we got to the bank, I could tell the meowing was coming from one of the trees. And sure enough, there was a LITTLE black and white kitty stranded up in the tree. We took her up to the neighbors to make sure she wasn't theirs and she wasn't.

She's so cute. So, now we have her in our garage. Kitty rescued - everything fine. All in a night's work...ha!

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