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Monday, July 13, 2009

We beat the rain and still had fun....

Greg's birthday is today and we had planned a nice eventful weekend with camping at the house in our pop-up, swimming in the pond, barbequeing & shooting off fireworks. We had only one priority this last weekend and that was for me to finish pulling all the weeds in front of our house so we could put down mulch.
Well, we just barely made it before the monsoon arrived! (Thank you, God, for holding off a little bit.) I was so relieved that it was done but, needless to say, the rest of our plans Saturday night were cancelled. It rained for the rest of the night and all the next morning. The rain finally stopped yesterday late afternoon.
My parents had come over to bring Greg's birthday present. So, after they left, Greg popped the camper, I started getting food ready and we had a great rest of the night. We even invited one of our neighbors over to watch fireworks. It was a little cool to swim in the pond so we just took a little boat ride. Of course, we can't get in the boat without Greg almost tipping us over. He cracks me up!! Sometimes, I think he's an accident waiting to happen. LOL! Anyway, we camped out last night and the kids had a lot of fun. Here's some pics of our great evening.

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