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Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthdays and birthday gifts

From the 1st of May to the middle of July, our family celebrates 6 birthdays and 3 wedding anniversaries. It's a exciting time of year for our family. Michael decided he wanted to celebrate his birthday at the YMCA pool with some of his classmates from school. I think they all had a really good time. What kid doesn't like to play in the pool, right!

Michael's birthday present from Greg & I was a rabbit. He'd been talking about one for a long time. Well, we couldn't very well get Michael one without getting his brother one, too. And while we were at it, I got one for myself...ha! I mean, my birthday is the day after Michael's. Come on...! ha! I like bunnies, too...
Another present I got was from Greg. He had to leave the morning of my birthday to head to St. Louis for work. He was gone the rest of the week and when he came home he had a new bicycle in the back of his truck. I had been wanting one really bad since we live on a blacktop road now. We had gotten rid of our bikes a few years ago when we lived on gravel. Plus, the bikes were really old. Anyway, no excuse for not getting out and getting some exercise now, right!

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