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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

25 years and a love still strong

My sister and her husband, Jeff, just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Remember in my last blog when I said we celebrated 6 birthdays and 3 wedding anniversaries between the 1st of May and the middle of July. Well, my sister's wedding anniversary is the same day as my son, Michael's birthday, June 2nd.

Their daughters put on a surprise party for them and actually PULLED IT OFF! It was amazing. We just knew something would happen. And, of course, Jeff got called out to work that morning so the girls were panicking. But it all came together and Cindy and Jeff were definitely surprised. There were some friends and family there and we all had a good time. The girls did a great job planning it.

But the most important thing I wanted to mention is the love that both my sister and my brother-in-law have for one another. I hope that after Greg & I are married for 25 years, we have the same respect and love for each other as they have. They have always kept God in the forefront of their lives and relationship. I firmly believe that THAT is what helps keep couples together. The family that prays together, stays together. They are a great testiment to marriage and sticking together and working things out. I aspire to be more like them. I love them very much! Happy 25th anniversary Jeff & sis!

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