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Thursday, June 25, 2009

A brilliant brain

I was playing with the boys tonight and Michael asked me if I had a string. I said I thought I did. He ran into the kitchen to look in our "collect all" draw. A few minutes later he came back with an elastic gold string tied in a bow (much like you might find wrapped around a present). Here is the dialog:

Mommy: "Oh, you found a string."

Michael: "No. This one won't work. I don't want it."

Mommy: "Let me see."

Michael: "No! I don't want it. It won't work."

Mommy: "Let me show you, Michael"

Michael: "No, mommy. It won't work."

Mommy: "Let me try."

I commenced to take his dog and the string. I put the string around the dog's head and pulled one end through the other in order to make a leash.
I handed the dog back to Michael and his eyes lit up.

Michael: "Mommy, you have a brilliant brain!!"

I laughed so hard. Like Bill Cosby says, "Kids say the darnedest things."

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