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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And the races are on!

I've been pretty behind in my blog posts. I haven't had a digital camera and had to always take my camera in to get the film developed and then scan off pictures. I appreciate technology SO MUCH!!!

Anyway, I'm trying to do some catching up before the end of the year. We got our digital camera but, of course, I've been too busy to read the instructions, etc. So, hopefully, I'll have all that taken care of by the first of the year. In the meantime, here are some pics of the boys from about 3 weeks ago. Both boys are in cub scouts and every year the scouts have a Pinewood Derby. This consists of getting a box with a wooden block in it, some wheels, and other accessories. You are supposed to shape, sand, and mold the block of wood into a race car. Then at the Derby, the scouts all race against each other and they give out medals and trophies for the fastest and the best looking.
Michael got 3 place on looks this year. Vince didn't place but he did get a blue ribbon for taking part in the races. He was disappointed but we told him this was just his first year and next year, we'd do better. They have a Rain Gutter Regetta coming up the end of January. They'll have another chance then. That race is with boats and you have to blow them down the gutter. We'll have to work on those "blowing" skills.

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