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Monday, January 3, 2011

Jesus' birthday cake

We started a new tradition this year. Actually it started last year with my sister but we (our family) did it for the first time this year. We made Jesus' birthday cake. It was so much fun and delicious!! It has three layers....one each symbolizing something. The bottom layer (chocolate....dark) symbolizes our sin. The second layer (red velvet - red) symbolizes the blood that Christ shed for our sins. The third layer (vanilla with food coloring - green) symbolizes new growth and life due to Christ's resurrection. The frosting (white) symbolizes purity, the red hots (or red drops of icing) symbolize all the love there is for Jesus and the yellow star in the middle symbolizes the Star of David.
It was very good. After we made it, we lit a single candle and read the Christmas Story (in Chapter Luke) and then each of us lit a green candle off of the center candle and said a prayer. It was a really nice tradition to start.

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