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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our new addition

Check out our new addition that has adopted our pond. Isn't he (or she... I don't know how to tell) beautiful! He's not the same one we had last year. This one is a little smaller and A LOT tamer. I brought out some bread and fed him and he would have probably walked right up to me and eaten out of my hand if it weren't for my dog, Brandy, that kept trying to eat the bread I had in my hand. She finally took it upon herself to walk over to the swan and eat the crumbs I had thrown on the ground. You can see the picture of the swan flairing up his wings and hissing at Brandy. Last week, I walked out the front door and he was right at our porch. And these pictures are true to distance. I was a matter of about 3 feet from him.

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