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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Random 7

I've been tagged by http://peculiarsmith.blogspot.com/
Seven random things about me:

1. I am addicted to books. Used to be shoes (well, I'm still addicted to shoes, but my feet and back can't take it anymore and neither can my pocketbook... so, it's books now). I can not go into a bookstore without buying a book or spending, at least, an hour roaming around.
2. I love scary movies and during October around Halloween, that's all I want to watch! Of course, I have to watch them alone because Greg won't watch them with me.
3. I am a vitamin freak. I take about 15-20 vitamins a day.
4. I used to model (a LONG time ago). Didn't ever do anything big but it was a great learning and development experience.
5. I love animals. If Greg would let me, I'd have all kinds of critters just like Elli Mae. I'm still working on him... I especially love the Big cats.
6. I love to cross-stitch. That, and cooking are the only real domestic qualities about me.
7. I love surprises - both giving them and getting them.

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  1. Hey, books are a pretty good addiction! Sometimes we have to trade in one addiction for another. Shoes for books, Coach bags for socks, ha ha! And I had forgotten that you know how to cross-stitch! Is it easy to do that with two boys running around?