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Friday, October 3, 2008


I have never played soccer. The only thing I know about soccer is that you are supposed to kick the ball down to the other end and try to make it in the goal. That is the limit of my soccer knowledge. But, now I am a "soccer mom". At least, for the next couple of months. We had already put Michael in wrestling and baseball. But Vince hadn't been old enough to do anything other than swimming lessons. He had been talking about soccer for a year. We said, "Ok we'll try it out". Not sure if he's going to be a great soccer player someday but for now he's having fun. We just need to work on his attention span....ha.

And, yes, that's Vince with his shirt up over his head. Like I said...we'll give it a try...

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  1. Love the shirt over his head. Looks like something Derrek would have done at that age during soccer! And he turned out to be pretty good...