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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crocodile tears

I have to tell this story.... I'm sure those of you that have children have been through this moment. Yesterday was a VERY hectic day for me. I had to work from 9am - 1pm and then had to run some errands in Boonville before heading to Columbia for my Jenny Craig appointment at 2pm. After that I trekked around Columbia for about 1 1/2 hours stopping from store to store doing some Christmas shopping. I had to be heading back home by 4:00 in order to pick up the kids. We had my Central Mo Board of Realtors Christmas party last night at the Isle of Capri and I had volunteered to be the money collector at the door. I HAD to be there by 6:00.

So, I rushed back to Boonville, picked up the kids, called in for pizza, called the babysitter to make sure she was still coming (hadn't talked to her in a week) and proceeded to get myself ready. Mind you, it was now about 5:15pm. While getting ready, the kids had finished their pizza and were playing.

I received a phone call from a close friend who's dog had just been attacked by one of their other dogs and they didn't know what to do. I gave them what little veterinarian advice I had and told them I'd leave some ointment and bandages at the house if they wanted to come by and pick them up. Remember, I was committed to be at the boat by 6:00. While I was on the phone, the boys (while PLAYING) proceeded to throw a pillow in our bedroom and it hit a basket I had on our dresser filled with glass balls and other decorations. ....everything fell on the floor and broke on the carpet. Remember, I'm still on the phone giving dog nurturing advice. I get off the phone and yell at the boys. I've still got rollers in my hair.

Anyway, here's the point to my story. Michael had been the one to throw the pillow. He visibly felt so bad. He said, "Mommy, I'll clean it up". I said no and left the room and proceed to clean up the glass. Michael came in the room and the look on his face just about broke my heart. He said so sadly, "Mommy, I'm sorry" and he gave me a hug. Tears were just streaming down his face. I couldn't be mad anymore. He was trully sorry for what he had done and had realized that what he had done was wrong and that's why we preach and preach about not playing rowdy and throwing things in the house. Anyway, I'm sure those of you with kids know what I'm talking about. How can you punish them after they have visibly punished themselves enough by feeling so terrible about what they've done. I love my boys! It's all good!

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  1. Awwww. You didn't say whether you made it there by 6:00? What did you do about the glass? Too funny...you're posting about the tender moment and I'm curious about the logistics!