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Saturday, December 27, 2008

You mean, some kids may not have gotten toys for Christmas...?

Christmas is a time of giving. I keep trying to install this type of thinking in my children. "It's not all about the toys and presents", I tell them. It's about Jesus birthday and giving and sharing with others. Especially others that are less fortunate than yourself. Well, yesterday when we all got up I decided this would be a good time to sort through some toys and do some recycling. I told the boys that Santa had been really good to them this year and that it would be really nice if they sorted through some of their toys and picked out the ones that they didn't play with anymore and gave them to other little boys and girls that maybe didn't have any toys to play with. I'll never forget Michael's face as I told him that there are some children in this world that don't have a very good Christmas. They either don't have a home to live in, their parents don't have enough money to buy them anything. Some of them don't even have their own room or bed to sleep in at night. He just kept looking at me like, 'How could a child live like that'. Well, we all know that some don't. But I got them to sort through some toys and we got a pretty big bag full. Next week, we'll all go to the local consignment/toy shop in town and the boys can give them their toys and they can see how giving is such an important gesture in today's society. Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. It's great that you're teaching them that! Of course, our girls actually remember not having a single toy of their own or any clothing of their own. They got very excited when we went through clothes to give away and then they started talking about when they didn't have clothes and toys.