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Friday, May 29, 2009

Do we LOVE to camp, or what....!

We went camping over Memorial Day weekend. We had actually planned to camp close to home at Arrow Rock. It's this quaint, artsy little town about 10 miles from us. But, we found out that Greg's family was having an 89th birthday party for his dad that weekend. So, we packed up the pop-up and camped in Marysville, KS. It was really nice and free.... the best kind!! lol Here are some pictures of our fun.
Michael also made his own fishing pole using a stick and some string. He was so proud of it. He was our own little Tom Sawyer.
The best part of camping for me is Greg does ALL the cooking. Wahoo! I love to cook but he's so great at grilling and there is NOTHING like eating food off an open fire.

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