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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

That's where I get it...

This is such a funny story I just had to post it. Of course, mom & dad will probably be mad at me. But it's Ok - it's too hysterical not to share.

Ok, here's the setup... My middle niece is graduating from H.S. this Thursday. She really wanted our relatives (as many as could make it) to come out from Tennessee. So, arrangements were made and my Uncle Clarence (dad's brother), one of his sons, Larry, and his wife, Larry's daughter and her 2 year old boy (which I've never seen) planned to make a trip out to Lee's Summit on Wednesday, today.
Well, I called mom yesterday to see when to be at their house tomorrow in order to ride with them to the graduation ceremony. Mom said it had been a merry-go-round day. I guess my uncle had called them earlier in the day to say they weren't making the trip out. Mom & dad called Larry (my uncle's son) to talk to him and he said he was sick and had a really bad sinus infection. So, they got off the phone, called Clarence, my uncle, and told him they were going to come out and pick him up. OK, remember...it's not just across town or a couple of hours away...it's IN TENNESSEE!!! haha! Mom & dad jumped in the shower, got cleaned up, packed and were just about ready to walk out the door when Larry called and said they were coming afterall. ha! How funny! I have this picture in my head of my parents running around trying to get everything ready.

And to top it all off, mom & dad made 2 trips to the grocery store yesterday. The first time was after they thought the Tennessee folk weren't coming so they didn't get all the things they had planned on getting. Then, when they found out the trip was still on, they turned around and headed back to the store to get the rest of the items on the list. haha! When mom told me this and I was cracking up so hard I could barely steer the car. LOL What can I say, my family is close and when my dad's get something in his head, well, there's no getting it out. That's where I get it from. Needless to say, they were exhausted last night...haha!
So, net/net the relatives are still coming and should be here sometime today. Not sure how good Larry will feel if he's been nursing a sinus infection but mom's a nurse and I'm sure she'll be able to get in feeling better in no time. I love my family!!

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