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Monday, September 21, 2009

Gasoline and a rope

Well, anytime you camp or spend time with my husband you can expect some excitement and adventure. Right before we were getting ready to pack up to leave Tony and Rebecca's this weekend, Greg and Tony decided to take down a limb on one of their trees. They had discussed it earlier in the weekend. The tree had died and Tony wanted to cut the whole thing down. So, Greg being the lineman that he is and (not bothered with heights, hanging out on limbs, etc....ha) said he would help him take off a limb to make cutting down the tree a little easier for Tony at a later date. Or course, the limb was not easily accessible and Greg had to rope the ladder to the tree (AND himself) and stand on the very top of the ladder and then try and use a chainsaw to get the limb down. He did it! And I knew he would but we were all holding our breath and saying prayers until he did. That's my hubby. Never a dull moment.... Oh, and what you don't see is Tony down at the bottom of the ladder holding on to it and getting pelted with sawdust. What an adventure.

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