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Monday, September 14, 2009

Great feeling

Patriotism is definitely not dead. At least in small town America it isn't. I have to post this.....

I was working out at the Mo. Steam Engine Show on Thursday and Friday during the day since Greg couldn't get off work (he'd a much better salesman than I am...has the gift for gab - those of you that know him know what I'm talking about...hmmm).

Anyway, each day around 2:00pm they had a tractor parade but before they got started they sang the National Anthem and recited the Pledge of Alligance. I couldn't believe what I saw. Each day, and even on Saturday when I was there , as soon as the National Anthem started people just stopped dead in their tracks, took off their hats and crossed their hands over their hearts. It was amazing!! It got so quiet because people would stop their talking. I was so moved. That's the way it should be everywhere!! We should respect our country and flag. We live in a wonderful country and I wish more younger people would have the same respect and love for it as those of our countrymen who fought in the World Wars. They seem to still love this country so much. I have great respect for our elders. They are a great tribute to what this country is and what it took to get it this way.

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