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Thursday, September 24, 2009

If we could only bring her home....

I had such a touching conversation with my boys last night. I don't even remember how it got started but I mentioned to the boys that I wanted them to write another letter to our sponsored little girl in El Salvador, Katerin. Our conversation developed into discussing what Katerin and her family eats and what the money we send actually buys for them. We talked about how people in some third world countries live. We discussed how some people don't have houses or some only have tin or blankets for walls and most only have dirt floors. Michael has such a positive and caring attitude. He was like, "That's ok. At least, it's only dirt. Dirt's OK."

After they got done with dinner both boys went into their room and started looking for things to send to Katerin. They wanted to send food. They were so concerned with what she was eating and if she had any toys. They were so interested in sharing with her and sending her something.

Well, this morning on the way to school, both boys said that we could let Katerin move to our house and live. It was so sweet. I said, "What about the rest of her family?" They said, "They can live with us, too. We have room. They can live downstairs and in the spare bedroom.....". I was so touched. I am so proud of my boys and what caring individuals they are. They may be ornery at times but they have such caring little hearts.

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