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Monday, January 19, 2009

Day off.....but not for me...

The kids had the day off from school since it was Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. It becomes increasingly difficult to find something to occupy the boys during these cold weather months. They are so active and I don't want them just sitting watching TV all the time. I got this book a while back called Cool Parent 101. It has 101 things to do with kids from making cookies to decorating piggy banks, etc. Some of the things are pretty cool. So I picked out a few things and let the boys pick which ones they wanted to do. Well, of course, they wanted to do everything. We got in about 2 things by the end of the day...ha. By the time we went and got hair cuts and went to the store and Wal-mart and got in lunch and quiet time in the afternoon....well, there wasn't much time left. But we did get to make some Christmas candy. Yes, I'm a little late. But the holidays were so busy I never got around to making these. And I got out a bunch of art supplies and the boys designed some posters. That actually kept them entertained for quite a while. They both love to draw and make things. Anyway, here's some pics of what we did. By the way, I was exhausted by the time Greg got home.

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