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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sunday best and Crazy hair

This week was Catholic school week. Everyday was a different theme. Monday was pajama day. Tuesday was sports day where they dressed up in their favorite teams jersey or shirt. The boys didn't have any Chiefs attire so they wore Boonville Football sweatshirts. (We're not big MU fans. Plus, since Greg is from Kansas, they'd have to wear K-State Wildcats shirts & it's too cold for t-shirts.) Wednesday was wear your Sunday Best day. Yesterday was Crazy hair and backwards clothes day. Today was spirit day. They've had so much fun with all the activities. Plus, there has been limited homework so they LOVE that....ha! The week ended with a school carnival today and a chili supper followed by a dance tonight. I helped out with the carnival this afternoon and had SO MUCH fun. I'm so glad I can spend time with the kids and their activities now. Take a look at my cute little boys...

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  1. I especially love the crazy hair and backwards clothes! They are just so darn cute!