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Monday, March 2, 2009

Geese galor!!!

This has been a conflict between Greg and I ever since we moved into this house. Mind you, not a big conflict, just enough of one to irritate Greg. (ha) The couple that lives behind us has a pond like ours but they also have 100s of 1000s of wild geese that inhabit it almost year round. Sometimes, a few flock down to our pond but Greg usually tries to scare them off somehow, either by shotgun (which is illigal inside city limits....shame, shame Greg!) or by running at them flapping his arms. Now there's an image. ha! Anyway, our swan that had been hanging down at our pond had disappeared for a few days so the boys and I walked back up to Count's to see if he was up there. He was, along with some of his other buddies. We enjoyed feeding them and watching the geese. Hopefully, we'll have a couple of families that pick our pond for raising their babies, as they have in years past. If we do, I'll be sure and post some pictures.

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