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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good 'ol classics....

I love reading some of the old traditional classic stories and books from my childhood. And I want so much to introduce that same interest to my children. I think some of those stories are really important in learning and understanding what it's like to be a kid.
The other night, one of the boys got down a book I had bought a while back hoping that it would be a book my boys would enjoy and maybe read over and over again when they got older. That book was ...The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. I told the boys I would read a chapter to them because it was a very good book. Michael said he thought it was a boring book and wasn't really interested in me reading it. So, I read the back cover and then the little blurp about the Author, Mark Twain. Then I started reading through all the chapter titles. At that point the boys started getting a little more interested. I read the first chapter to them which was the "Whitewashing" chapter (for those of you familiar with Tom Sawyer) and by the end of the chapter they were asking questions and telling stories themselves. We didn't get a chance to read Chap. 2 tonight but we will tomorrow. Thanks to you, Mark Twain, for giving us great adventures to live through in your wonderful stories!

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