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Thursday, March 26, 2009

What is that smell....?

I can't send any pictures with this one because it just involves your nose. It's one of those situations that I'll try to explain but you really just had to be there.

Greg had been in the house but had left to go outside and do some work. He had just gotten off work and hadn't cleaned up or anything. After dinner, about 20 minutes later, Michael was out in the hall and I walked past where he had just been.... I looked back and thought I smelled Greg....meaning his cologne. I thought to myself...Greg hasn't been back in the house and I know he didn't smell like that right when he came home from work.

I went into the boys room where Michael was and said, "Michael, did you put on some of daddy's cologne?" He looked at me kind of sheepishly and said, "yes". He was so cute and he smelled like he had just poured the cologne on himself. I can't describe it but it was just so cute that he was trying to be like his daddy.


  1. Maybe he's thinking if he smells like Daddy he can get himself a pretty girl like Mommy. :-)

  2. Ok, you're so sweet. Flattery will get you everywhere...heehee