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Saturday, March 7, 2009

More additions...

Well, we just keep growing and growing... We've got a little calf now. Well, I shouldn't say little. She weights about 600 lbs. And, we got our little chicks this week. We're going to be getting some more later (our hens). The chicks we have now are all roosters and will be used for "meat". Our laying hens will be coming later. And we are still getting a pregnant momma hefer in a few weeks. Which I hear is so tame that if you don't pet her, she nudges you with you nose...how cute!

Last night, I was up helping Greg a little bit while he was welding up a fence for one of our corrals. One of our cats had mouzied (sp) over to me and I picked her up. Greg looked at me and said, "You really like all your different animals around, don't you." And the answer to that would be a definite "Yes!" The more critters I have the better. We're actually going to be getting rid of 2 of ours. A friend is coming up this weekend to take our horses. We'll get more.... BELIEVE ME! But right now, with spring coming and the fence still not finished in the pasture, we just don't have the set up for them. They're not getting the exercise they need either. Our neighbor in back of us has been so kind as to keep them during the winter but we can't ask him to continue to do that all through the spring, as well.
Michael has informed us that he wants a rabbit for his birthday. And Vince wants a hamster. I guess Greg will be busy making cages for the next couple of months. heehee. The work is never done....

I'm still a city girl at heart but I'm turning more and more into a farm girl. Can you believe that, mom & dad!!?....ha

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